Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sponsor-shots In the Dark

And now begins the most dreadful part of this experience... gaining sponsorships.

It isn't so bad telling people about my goals or explaining this journey, but it IS extremely hard expressing my need for financial (and otherwise) aid to make my goals realities. It sort of feels like I am selling myself, although rather appropriately.

Tonight, I just finished preparing 36 sponsorship letters to various establishments and people in and not-so-in my life. Twenty of those letters are headed to local fraternities and sororities in the community in the hopes of fulfilling a necessary philanthropy of theirs.

Some letters are extremely personal and specific, others a simple shot in the dark. Those shot-in-the-darkers are large corporations that may have something to do with either disabilities, sports, or both.

And I thought swimming was going to be hard...

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