Thursday, August 26, 2010

All From One Tiny Droplet

The race is on. Water is life. Power is felt when guided by such a force.

I have just a little over a month until I leave for Santa Clara. I have been swimming virtually everyday, sometimes at the wee hours in which certainly no one chooses to jump into a cold pool without true spirit of the sport.

Next week, I will begin my quest for 2-a-day practicing (only on Tuesdays and Thursdays). I will continue this only through September 15th, and then ease back down and prepare for the competition I've been waiting for all these months.

It's interesting how your maturity and wise-offerings start to pour into your athleticism as you age. I would have never had the drive and diligence ten years ago, or even two. I am constantly coaching myself and encouraging through every stroke and every turn. I don't allow myself to be defeated for too long. I rage with fight in moments where I feel weak (either physically or mentally). I force myself to challenge those things I'd rather not. I listen to my body and treat it with the utmost of care and concern. I spend hours contemplating the movement of the water and the reaction of my body underneath.

Although I haven't quite accomplished a true race up to this point, I feel like I have accomplished many tiny droplets along the way. These droplets certainly do add up and create quite a puddle as they link their little molecules of life together, combing to force waves and stir currents. To add beauty to the world and nourishment to all living things.

Those droplets are probably the most important part of this whole thing.

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