Monday, January 17, 2011

MY Vision (Board)

Both my intuition, and my copious amounts of research, have told me that it is far easier to accomplish a goal if it is staring you in the face. The goal can be convoluted and winding, but it MUST be visually present.

Now, I have never been so much the type to display my accomplishments, so thinking about displaying my desired accomplishments almost left me feeling ill. However, it is all part of this journey and this process to really put my full-self into my project... so that is EXACTLY what I did.

Through cutting and pasting and printing and wishing I have successfully created my very own vision board.
A vision board is a tangible state of logic that is based off of the notion of the Laws of Attraction-- meaning that what ever you want out of the world, you need to put into it first. Based on this concept as well as various other self-help projects, came the birth of the vision board. This board is the very place to display your dreams and desires, and to project your goals and hopeful plans.

This board is the very place to display MY dreams and desires, and to project MY goals and hopeful plans.

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