Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Sweet Treat

One of the sweetest treats that life offers up is the knowledge that surprise events can occur and will occur when least expected that can change your outlook and feelings about nearly everything.

Today I experienced one of those treats.

Shortly after the bell dismissed my final class for the day, I began cleaning up my classroom to get ready for a parent/student meeting prompted by one of my spunkiest and sweetest red-headed kiddos. The nature of this meeting was sort of unclear, seeing as typically these types of interactions are reserved for students who are neither excelling nor engaging, but this kid was undoubtedly both.

Interrupted in thought of what I could have done wrong in teaching this young mind, in walks nearly half of the science department. They inform me of a department meeting in my classroom that I had apparently failed to notice nor attend if it weren't for the fact that it was being held in my own classroom. But what about my parent/student meeting??? How was I going to pull both of these things off at the same time??

It was less than a minute more before I had my answer. In walks the school principal, carrying a beautiful arrangement of every kind of fragrant floral stalk that you could imagine. With principal as conductor, news crew and other clearly notable individuals come pouring into my classroom, along with none other than my spunky red-head.

"But I am supposed to have a parent meeting?" Was all that I could say as I was handed the framed letter stating none other than my own name as 2011 Colorado Sportswoman of the Year in Swimming.

What is most remarkable about this whole thing is, that embedded deep within my swimming, I have all along hoped to be projecting an example to those around me. An example of hope and confidence and belief and courage and determination and passion-- all the while I never actually believed that any of this was seen from anywhere beyond my own imagination.

I was wrong and I am terribly proud of that.

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