Saturday, April 7, 2012

Touching Hearts

Whether you recognize it or not, people are listening.

It is important to realize this and live each moment with it in mind. I'm fairly certain that if you keep this little thought at the energetic junctions of your synapses, you will--no doubt--live a well-rounded, well-experienced moment-to-moment existence.

So, who is listening? You may think, "no one." But this simply isn't so. You have no idea how many connections and correspondences you share throughout the day, and if you question me--step up to the challenge: Try for a "day of silence" and you will find how many people you truly do share an exchange through the day with, even in the most seemingly mundane of days.

This week, in particular, I was reminded of the power of one's self and the fact that there is always someone listening.

Early in the week I received a Facebook comment that simply stated: 

"are you from: chicken soup for the soul? :o"

Interested immediately, I looked up the profile of the owner of those words and found a sweet-faced Canadian teen that I obviously had never personally met. So, I sent her a message and replied to her question and then proceeded by asking her the motivation behind searching from a faceless name to a 3-page story in a book of over a hundred just like it.

She explained through funny texting-lingo that my story was,


and encouraged me to

"keep swimming."

This very subtle, yet radiating exchange made me so proud. In writing a story for the book, I guess I never really considered anyone reading it, let alone finding it remotely encouraging or memorable. Yet, I stand corrected, thanks to my newest Facebook friend.

Virtually simultaneously I received a package in the mail, a rather heavy, intentional package. It's contents?
I had met "Coach Grandpa" at the Sportswoman of the Year banquet. He was drawn to my story because of his own Paralympic grandson, Danny. Little did I know that Gary Isaac and his wife Renee had heard Marcia Neville speak about me and considered me as someone who was "Touching Hearts Through Athletics." Again, I had no idea.

This week's lesson has definitely been about being aware of the connections that you are sending off into the Universe, because inevitably someone is listening. Please take my lesson and share it, make a connection of your own.

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