Sunday, January 1, 2012

Face Today. Embrace Today. Live Today.

The New Year is here to remind us to learn from our past and hope for the future; however, I can't help to think that most of us are just dying for a new year and a new start and neglecting the notion that an entirely new calendar year simply can't change your life by the stroke of midnight.

So, today should be the day to recognize those things that you would change in the progress of time-- and do something about it. Don't worry about the resolution part of it, don't worry about all of those woes and misfortunes. Decide what is keeping you from your own bliss and DO something.

The only one who can dictate how this year will be is YOU. It is not the action of New Year's fairies nor the power of wishing really, really hard with your eyes squinted. If today causes you to reconsider an entire calendar year, then a course of action must be set. For you have no power over the events of a year's time, only the time that you, personally, spend in it--breath by breath.

Longing for a different time (or a different year) forces one to take themselves out of the moment and out of today.

Face today. Embrace today. Live today.

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