Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Own Meet Results

Wow. What a weekend.

There are so many things running through my head... ranging from, "You shouldn't have taken that extra breath to the wall in your free," to "What the heck? American records? Plural?!"

I couldn't have planned out a better meet for me if it were me playing the part of the fateful Universe. My events were grouped well. The climate of the meet was both a huge event and-- at the same time-- a very casual event, which I think helped calm my nerves while giving me a lot of education in the expectation of future meets to come.

Being the only swimmer in all of my classifications (S5-SB3-SM4) I received medals in all 8 of my events. I shattered most of my entry times, seeing as I picked them like the most random lotto numbers in a row-- made up of favorite date numbers and numbers of luck. I set 3 American records (officially) that have never been set before, and I broke 1 American record that was set in 2001 (unofficially still at this point).

The buzzing in my brain and body is so electric. I am so proud of my first endeavor and so blessed that the experience became so much more encouraging than I had ever planned. I had several coaches and Paralympic-involved folks come up and offer up their own encouragements and advice for moving further. It's officially GO TIME!

So, what's next? I have qualified for the Can/Am Games in Toronto in December. I guess I don't have a lot of time to rest and celebrate, but I am psyched to be living in this moment. In the next few weeks I will have to really do a lot of work to find additional sponsorships and monies to fund the trip in Toronto, namely, but also the future training and preparations. But, I feel like I am doing everything right. My goal from this meet was to get my name buzzing in the manner my brain is moving at this moment. I'm on the right track. Being told that there could be much use for me in future teams and events is exhilarating.

I have never been so pleased with my own efforts. I am so quick to give credit to others, which there is definitely some of that to be mentioned. However, I have gotten myself to this point purely by making a promise to my own self to try. And I will continue that promise through every stroke and through every breath and through every turn and continue through beyond...


  1. Ryan- you are so inspirational. I am glad that you are giving yourself the credit that you deserve. You are a great role model for all!!- especially me:) Keep up the great work

  2. Again, so happy for you! It must feel amazing that you did this for no one else but yourself. Nobody deserves this more than you! Congratulations and I can't wait to be able to say the same in person! Love ya and see you soon!

  3. this is awesome! Way to go! way to harness your inner hulk!! lol. congratulations friend!

  4. Congrats Ryan you are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! You deserve it after all of your hard work!!

  5. So incredibly proud of you and your inspirational perseverance. You go Girl...and go...and go...and go...and go.