Monday, July 26, 2010

2 (Sort of) Firsts, Maybe 3

Today was a day for nearly firsts...

I spent the afternoon swimming outdoors in a 50-meter pool!

1) I forgot how amazing it f eels to swim outdoors, soaking up the sunshine. Years ago, I used to swim every morning by myself before I coached in the summer. I was the only one at the pool and it made for quite an intimate occasion. Just me and the water.

2) Long-course swimming has never been a huge pleasure for me. When I was a kid, I spent only a few moments training for such a pool because the long-course season was in the summer and my heart was dedicated to my neighborhood club and timing was reserved for them. I have to admit, it is very intimidating to start at one end and search longingly for the other. After a few laps, however, my body realized that the scared feelings I was having came only from my brain. My body quickly got to work, relishing in the fact that I didn't have to mess with turning on those stupid walls much.

The whole experience was fantastic and caught on tape. My best friend accompanied me, giving some much needed advice and capturing my movements on camera so that I could actually view something other than bubbles.

Watching myself swim is teaching me so much about my body. Doing the swimming is also teaching me so much about my body. Today, we realized that I may have one hip working, but only one. This knowledge is very exciting considering the last time I competed I had NO hips. (I suppose this can be considered a first too!)

Truthfully, I have never been so aware of my body... not even when I worked in calipers among stem cell injections. Never. Ever.

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